After A Heavy Snow

                                                     By Parker Po-Fei Huang

                                                        A bank of whiteness


                                                           Is all I see. Have I

                                                       tossed away the world

                                                         or the world me? Or

                                                           is it just a single

                                                      moment that I stand on

                                                          a sheer precipice

                                                        with clouds passing

                                                               through me?

                                                      Some mists sweep the

                                                       sky. Some stars elicit

                                                         serenity. I feel that

                                                         I am gathering the

                                                      reflections of a flower

                                                     in the water and that of

                                                     the moon in the mirror—

                                                       no scent, no motion,

                                                        yet I sense eternity.

                                                       I stop breathing lest

                                                       I wake myself. From

                                                      where, of what world,

                                                       have I come here? I

                                                      turn my head and see

                                                     there are only footprints

                                                             that follow me.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alice Visel Memories

I  remember that everyone in my family loved watching him do Tai Chi in the driveway often.  I always bragged about my smart neighbors!  I remember that when Marion bought a motorcycle my father thought that if he told her she could not keep it in our yard that she would get rid of it.  But your Dad allowed her to park it in your yard!  And my Dad stayed friends with your Dad!  I remember that my father was always impressed by yours because of his education and connection with Yale.  Yet your Dad made me feel that he was just as impressed by my Dad for being able to fix a car or anything else and the fact that my Dad really enjoyed yard work.  Those were the days!  I loved them and I'm grateful to you and your family for being such a major part of them.  Marion and I took a Tai Chi course a few years ago but I didn't stick with it.  In honor and remembrance of your Dad I'm going to start doing it again.  

Love, Alice  

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